Hello! Nice to see you here.

I am Jessy. A UX/UI designer based in Vancouver, Canada.

A Self-Starter; A Dreamer; A Creator; A Listener


How did I get here?


Past four years, I spent my time exploring my career in retail as a visual merchandiser and team leader. Then, the experience of running my online shop for a year in 2019 opened my eye to the digital world. With a passion for design, business and problem solving, I decided to pursue a product design career in 2020.

Currently, I am working as a freelance designer and contractor on some amazing projects and am looking for new opportunities to use my unique skill set. Please don't hesitate to reach out- I'm happy to chat about work or play!

Outside nine-to-five


What am I doing recently?

#Learn Some Coding

Learn coding from @shecode.io. Gaining knowledge about HTML, CSS and Javascript to better understand UI designs. 

BTW, coding my design out is fuuuuun!:)

?‍??‍???‍?‍?‍???⌨️????#Client Projects??

Working on client projects to help make an impact!


#Hacking Growth

#Lean UX