Quality Barn Doors For A Timeless Home.

Rustic Rolling Doors is the modern country barn door retailer on a mission to bring homeowners the country charm of interior barn doors with a modern flair.
The client needs a clear and consistent brand guideline to elevate their brand images. My goal was to help them create a visual identity and communication strategy to clarify their brand further.

Project Type
Brand Identity, Communication Strategy

My Role
Consulting, Branding Designer

2 weeks

Google Form, Figma, Canva

Back to the brand's roots.

When setting the brand identity tone, I choose to understand the brand purpose, values propositions and research several competitors to make sure the brand identity is easy to recognize.

After diving into who the brand is, I articulated the brand story, vision, mission, positioning statement, and tone of voice. From there, I had a clear idea of what is needed to be represented visually.


Establishing the brand identity 

Color Palette, Typography and Imagery.

Tieing back to the client's needs(preference for maroon as an accent color), paying close attention to what the competitors are doing, and identifying the uniqueness of RRD, I choose the brand identity to stay in its rustic root but with a modern touch. 


Moving forward, I decided to combine 40% usage of nature tone brown, rustic red and charcoal with a  60% usage of light creme to create the neutral, classic, rustic, yet clean look.

I choose to use Suez One from serif font families to creates a stable and quality feeling then combined it with the use of Roboto to make sure a great visual hierarchy and readability.

Imagery that reflects interior styles, lifestyle, and quality woodworking scenes is used to keep all platforms consistent. 

Brand Communication


To ensure effective and consistent communication, I helped the client establish a brand's personality trait based on its value, mission, and vision. 

Brand Values

The brand personality determines how customers see and feel when they interact with the brand. As Rustic Rolling Doors trait is knowledgeable, supportive and passionate,  we determine the brand voice stay confident, informative, personable and positive across all platforms.

Coming Together

The final outcome is clean and structured. To ensure Rustic Rolling Doors could live their updated brand consistently, I put everything together in two separate documents- Brand Style Guide and Brand Communication Strategy.